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2 Steel SCUBA cylinders

2 Steel SCUBA cylinders, both low pressure FABER
(made in Italy). 125 CF low pressure (2400 psi)
steel Faber (OMS branded, but made by Faber) - $100 45
CF low pressure (2400 psi) steel Faber - $100 $100
ea. or both for $175. Both cylinders are out of
hydro/VIP. Both cylinders haven't been used in a
while, but stored filled (inside my house). Both
cylinders are in excellent condition, the 45 has never
been used. Awesome tanks.

price $ 100.00
published 2018-11-07
map Barrie
For Sale 2 Steel SCUBA cylinders-
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2 Steel SCUBA cylinders in Barrie

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